About the water pavilion

Storm Water Solutions and Water & Wastes Digest, in proud partnership with The Utility Expo, host the global event's inaugural WATER PAVILION − exclusively dedicated to water, storm water and wastewater. Be part of the industry's most dynamic event.


Visit the Water Pavilion to preview all the newest products, services and technologies and enjoy hands-on demonstrations.


Network with industry experts, leaders and decision makers.


Gain valuable knowledge through engaging continuing educational tracks.


Reserve full access to The Utility Expo, Exhibitor Booths, and educational sessions at the Water Pavilion.
Special Pricing: $439 (normal cost: $509)

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Education Program

Organized by Storm Water Solutions and Water & Wastes Digest, attend live hands-on demonstrations and engaging educational presentations. 35 individual sessions available to fill your schedule. All include PDH credits.

Educational presentations will be led by industry experts and thought leaders that cover:
  • Asset Management
  • BMPs
  • Digitization and Automation
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Funding
  • Green Infrastructure & Low Impact Development (permeable pavements, etc.)
  • Monitoring, Inspection, and Maintenance
  • Modeling and Research and Design
  • Nutrient Removal
  • Project Delivery Methods
  • Retrofits
  • Sensor Maintenance & Best Practices
  • Storm Water Management
  • Utility Management
Interested in sharing your expertise by presenting? Submit an abstract.

Education Program Schedule

Sept. 27


10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Sept. 28


8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Sept. 29


8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Class Details

  • Water Pavilion Education Program, detailed session schedule will be available in July.


  • Each Education Session runs 55 minutes.


  • All Access Pass includes your choice of 14 selections from 42 educational sessions available.

Who Should Attend

  • Utility and construction professionals working in water, storm water and wastewater sector

Session Titles

Session titles are subject to change and additional sessions are still being added

Current Titles
Separation and Reuse of Nutrients from Storm Water Runoff and WWTP Effluents
Self-Funding Water and Wastewater Utility Projects
Legal Strategies for Funding Groundwater Clean-Up Costs
Disinfection Storm Water From Viruses
City and County of Honolulu Kaka‘ako Catch Basin Retrofits, South Street Bicycle Lane Permeable Pavement, and Sheridan Street/Kapi‘olani Boulevard Bioretention Area Case Studies
Mobile GIS and Asset Management for Water & Wastewater Utilities
Technologies and Techniques for Water Leak Detection and Locating
Structural Stormwater Quality Improvement For Increased Sediment, Trash and Hydrocarbon Capture
Digital Transformation, Powered by Automation
Green Infrastructure Neighborhood Solutions
Technology for Increasing BMP Efficiency and Monitoring
Let’s Talk Floc: Turbidity, Metal, and Phosphorus Removal with Polyacrylamide Logs
Creating Stabilized, Safe Aggregate Surfaces at Substations
Comprehensive Approach: Modeling of Wastewater Treatment Plant Energy and the Resulting Greenhouse Gases and the Resulting GHGs
Watershed Runoff Coefficient Assessment with a Unified Runoff Time
Your Crystal Ball – How Cloud-Based SCADA Allows Operators To See The Future – And Avoid Problems
Expanding a Green Parking Lot into a Green Street Solution
Digital Doesn't Have to Mean Expensive
Nutrient Removal From Stormwater Run-Off and Wastewater
Planning Ahead: Strategies Utilities Can Leverage Today to Ensure Successful Advanced Metering in the Future
Drinking Water Security in Light of the Capital Riots
Backwash Bed Expansion Measurement
A Sustainable Permeable Stormwater BMP
Capturing Sediment on the Go, Enabling Clean Water to Flow.
Practical Applications of AMR and AMI in Today’s Water Utilities
Communicating PFAS to the Press and the Public
Protecting the Value of Water: Communicating a Lead and Copper Rule Exceedance to the Press and the Public
How to Handle Wastewater Crisis Communications in The Instant Information Age
Industrial Stormwater and the 2021 Multisector General Permit
Innovative Water Treatment Facility that Integrates Storm Water Management and Education
Using Skimmers for Post-Construction Water Quality
Lead & Copper Rule Revision: What Can Utilities Do Now
Quick Wins to Save Operators TIME, MONEY and Sleep in Your Utility
Could Smart Technologies and Collaboration Provide a Means to Resolve the Global Water Crisis in this Generation?
Building a Fit-for-future Utility

Water Pavilion
3,000 Sq. Ft.


Attendees 19,000+


Thirty Acre Indoor/Outdoor Utility Expo


Exhibits 1,000+ booths/brands


Registration Opens in May

Meet Our Team

Katie Johns
Managing Editor of Storm Water Solutions

Katie Johns

Educational Sessions

Katie Johns
Managing Editor of Storm Water Solutions

Bob Crossen
Managing Editor of Water & Wastes Digest

Bob Crossen

Educational Sessions

Bob Crossen
Managing Editor of Water & Wastes Digest

Ryan Hanson
Water Group Publisher & Senior Vice President

Ryan Hanson

Event Manager

Ryan Hanson
Water Group Publisher & Senior Vice President

Jenelle Isaacson
Special Events Coordinator

Jenelle Isaacson

Special Events Coordinator

Jenelle Isaacson

Make Plans Now to Be Part of the Year's Biggest Industry Event

Never before has the world-class 30-acre indoor/outdoor Utility Expo featured a dedicated water, wastewater and storm water section. Responding to huge demand from attendees, SGC Water Group partnered with The Utility Expo to make it happen.